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W7 Lightly Toasted Palette - Every day look

June 30, 2016


Read on to find out how we like to create a Subtle Gold Smoky every day look using the Lightly Toasted Palette.



  1. Prime your eyes using W7's Get Set Eyeshadow base in your preferred shade.
  2. Using the brush provided, start by applying the shade ‘Happy’ to the eye lid all over. W7 Tip: Instead of brushing and sweeping the product, try tapping it on for less mess and a more dramatic coverage.
  3. To the outer corners of the eye lid, add the shade ‘Di Di’ to give the eye a little drama. W7 Tip: Make sure you add it gradually so the colours blend well together.
  4. Using a clean smudge or general eyeshadow brush, blend the colours into the crease of the eye and slightly above to remove any harsh lines to encourage a natural, subtle look.
  5. Once blended, add shade ‘teddy bear’ to the inner corners of the eye, to highlight and encourage your eyes to pop with your look. W7 Tip: You can also apply this shade to just underneath the brows and the brow bone to tie everything together.
  6. For that extra golden glow, you can add a tap or two of ‘Twister’ to the middle of the eyelid to bring another dimension of colour and effect to your everyday golden smoky look.


How do you like to wear your everyday makeup? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share? 

Let me know in the comments or chat to us on social media!



- Natalie xx

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