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L.A.S.H by Reuben De Maid Eyelashes - Beverly Hills

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It's the collab you've all been waiting for - L.A.S.H by Reuben De Maid!

Throughout 2019 W7 have been working with male beauty influencer, Reuben de Maid to bring you L.A.S.H!

6 sets of reusable eyelashes that have been designed with YOU in mind! 

Working so hard on creating these lashes with W7 has truly opened my eyes to the other side of the beauty world. These lashes have been personally crafted by W7 and myself with every fine detail in mind for every single one of you guys out there... And i am so excited to share them with you! - Reuben x


  1. Gently remove the lashes from the tray - lashes may be trimmed in width or length
  2. Apply eyelash adhesive sparingly to lash band and wait for 30 seconds for ultimate tackiness.
  3. Position the lash slightly above the natural lash, beginning at the inside corner of the eye. 
  4. Press gently across the entire lash